Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Operation Weight Loss: Week 3

I'm very happy to announce that I actually lost an amount worth reporting over the last week. The scale says I dropped a whole pound and my jeans do feel a little looser. One pound is great since my goal is losing four or five pounds each month.

I did pretty well last week with my eating, despite scarfing leftover birthday cake a couple of nights after my daughter's birthday. I concentrated on eating more fruits, vegetables, and protein and on asking myself if I was truly hungry before snacking. Sometimes I eat just to have a taste of something rather than because I'm actually on empty. And too often my tasting turns into eating the whole damned thing.

I also managed to get some exercise in. I wasn't quite perfect, but I did an hour of Just Dance four times last week, so that's good. This week I'm going to head out for some walks and maybe a little jogging. I like exercising in the fresh air, but sometimes life, parenting, edits, and deadlines get in the way. Just Dance is fun for me, so when I can't get out (or don't feel like getting dressed enough to leave the house) I dance.

My goal for this week is to stick to my goal of eating 1500 calories per day and to actually exercise 5 times this week. Of course, this only works if I have something yummy ready to eat when I feel a sweet tooth attack coming on. So I'm going to nosh on Chocolate Mint Bars when my sweet tooth gets me this week. Oh. My. God, they look delicious. I found then on Cooking Light's website. Check them out. I really don't have time to make these, though, so I'm going to beg one of my daughters to do it. Hey, it's the least they can do after all those labor pains.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Night Eats: Cheesy BBQ Chicken Rollups

Since I was so, so bad last week and only lost 4 ounces (which might have just been normal water weight fluctuations), I know I need to be really good this week, so I'm making one of Hungry Girl's dinner recipes tonight. I looked through a bunch of them, and this one caught my eye:

Cheesy BBQ Chicken Rollups

Here's what it calls for (click the recipe link to get the exact amounts):

Broccoli coleslaw
Light but creamy swiss cheese
Boneless, skinless chicken breast cutlets
BBQ sauce
Onion powder
Salt (none for me)
Black pepper

Easy breezy to make and half of the recipe is only 223 calories and 8 carbs. Yeah, I can afford that. The rollups look kind of like egg rolls but without the yummy fried stuff.

It's a late dinner for me tonight and I have to get up early to take the boy spawn to soccer, so I'm skipping the adult beverage in favor of refreshing, calorie-free water. Next time, I'll have something more sexy.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hump Day: Need a Hand?

This dude looks seriously overworked. I'd be more than happy to lend him a hand.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Operation Weight Loss: Week 2

It was with much trepidation that I stepped on the scale this morning. I ate well for only about 4 days out of 7, and I went a little (okay, a lot) heavy on the potato chips last night. They were crab chips. I LOVE those. In addition to that, I went out with a friend mid-week and ate a ton of delicious, wonderful crap. I'm talking hot fudge over chocolate cake with ice cream on the side and a bacon cheeseburger with bacon ranch sauce. I blame my friend (of course). Anyway, there was no hope for it. I stepped on the scale fully prepared to own whatever it said. And guess what? I lost 4 ounces. Woot. Bad me. I swear I'll get my shit together this week.

The Exercise Front

I did no, absolutely no, exercise last week and I am determined not to repeat that mistake this week. If I get my exercise in, I can afford to splurge a little here and there. I'm working hard to remind myself that this isn't about vanity. It's entirely about better health and controlling my blood sugars so that pre-diabetes doesn't become real diabetes.

My WTF Moment

I have to say I still can't believe I have to diet. All through high school and for quite some time after, I was underweight. Seriously. I would wear leggings under my jeans to give the appearance of having a butt. Even after I met my (thank God I'm not married to him anymore) ex-husband and had my first child, I was thin. My husband loved heavier, curvy women and never missed a chance to let me know I didn't measure up. I laugh about it now, but why the hell did I ever listen to him?

When all is said and done, though, this extra weight is all my fault. I LOVE food, and I am not as fond of exercise. I feel great once I get going, but before that all I want to do is sit. Add to that a sedentary job, and, well, here I am.

This Week

  • I'm starting off with a challenge. Today is my daughter's 17th birthday, and I'm making cake and taking her out to eat. Wish me luck. I can do this without stuffing myself, right?
  • I'm moving my Friday Night Fun plans to twice per month. I can't indulge myself every week.
  • Above all, I'm reminding myself that this is a marathon, not a sprint, and I have every reason to feel comfortable in my own skin. Still, I need to get going.
  • I'm going to try this recipe for Choco-Chip Coffee Cake. This is what I'm going to shove in my mouth when my daughter's leftover cake starts calling my name. It's less than 150 calories a serving. Here's hoping it's yummy.

Copyright: sjhuls / 123RF Stock Photo

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Redz World Review of Taking Chances by Suzette Rose Cauler

Redz World: Taking Chances by Suzette Rose Cauler: Title: Taking Chances Series: The Dakota Laveaux Author:   Suzette Rose Cauler Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Word Count: 27,362 ...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hump Day Excerpt: Caught in the Act

Here's a short excerpt from Taking Chances. It's one of my favorite scenes. Dakota gets caught in the act!

This was her second day at the hotel. She’d arrived around dawn after the vamp party and had decided to pamper herself with good food, junky television, and long, hot soaks until Alon arrived. She guessed there was a fifty percent chance that she’d never get to do any of these things again.
Dakota wasn’t afraid to die. She knew it wasn’t really an end. It was the pain her death would cause her mother that gave her the most pause. That, and the idea that the soul-suckers might get away with what they’d done, filled her with anger. And of course, if there were any choice, she’d much rather live to be old and gray.
Lifting her leg from the steamy bubbles, she absentmindedly rubbed the slippery skin, admiring her pedicure. Dakota struggled to remember when she’d last been laid. It had been a quite a while, and her encounter with Elijah had been intoxicating. He was a playboy and a vamp, but she couldn’t help recalling the feel of his hard muscles against her, the smoky eyes that lit a flame in her belly, and that talented mouth. Its full lips had almost made her forget her mission. And his tongue…Moving her hand languorously up her thigh, she imagined his tongue tenderly suckling her clit instead of just caressing the inside of her mouth. Elijah was rumored to be an epic lover.
Dakota steadily moved her hand up as she thought of him. She imagined his wavy, dark hair tickling her thighs while his tongue drew a wet line over her pussy lips, gently parting her folds to touch its tip to her. She drew a finger in slow, steady circles over her cunt, applying gradually increasing pressure, just as she imagined he would. Sinking lower into the tub, she allowed a single finger to reach further, pressing against her inflamed bud. Dakota wondered what a night in Elijah’s bed would have been like and allowed her imagination to take off in that direction as she pressed and stroked, picking up a slow rhythm that soon had her eyelids at half-mast and her breath coming in soft pants.
“Enjoying yourself?” came a deep male voice. It snapped her out of the moment, and she gasped, trying to clamber from the tub but slipping and almost cracking her head on unyielding porcelain in the process.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

In the Spotlight: Author Emma Anderson

 About Emma Anderson


I have had many jobs throughout my working life but none as important as my current one. I am a wife and mother, first and foremost. Everything else takes second place. I’m just lucky that my husband and my two sons have supported me in this new chapter of my life.

When I'm not writing or chasing after my two boys, you can find me in the kitchen, baking. Or holed up somewhere with my nose in a book. I have always loved to read, and due to my over active imagination, writing seemed to be a natural progression for me. As for my chosen genre, well my love for happy endings dictated that one.

Emma's Latest Release:

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, vampires, spanking, HEA]

Why did the constant rejection of a man she barely knew hurt so much?

Allie Fisher’s a successful author and radio show host. So much so, she’s gained herself a stalker. Her life’s turned upside down when she meets Margo. With their new blossoming friendship came a heartache Allie never knew was possible.

Parker Winston’s a 543-year-old vampire. He’s had a mate and lost her. He has no room in his heart for anyone else. Even another mate. When he meets his sister’s new friend, he immediately knows she’s his second chance. To preserve his memory of his first mate, he takes what he needs from Allie but offers nothing of himself in return. By the time he realises that there’s enough room in his heart for two, it may be too late.

Can Parker convince Allie of his true feelings for her? Or will her stalker deny him the opportunity by taking her from him permanently?

Buy it here! http://www.bookstrand.com/refusing-his-second-chance

Story Excerpt

He already knew that she was a good person, even before investigating her. His sister wouldn’t be so loyal to someone who wasn’t worthy. Their relationship spoke well of Allie Fisher. After reading everything he could gather on her, he could no longer deny Allie’s kind heart.

He hadn’t met too many people who had given up as much as Allie. She had graduated from college in the top five percent of her class. She had worked hard for her degree in psychology, but gave it up after one phone call. She had then moved away from everyone she knew, to care for her dying mother. She became her mother’s full-time caregiver, but still managed to find the time to write her novels. From what he had established, the sales of those books were their only source of income. She had taken on the role of nurse, cook, cleaner, and bread winner, all so she could ensure her mother could see her days out in her own home.

Now, from what he could gather, since losing her mother, she had changed very little in her life. She still wrote and visited the soup kitchen that her mother used to volunteer at. The only addition, from what he had seen, was her nightly radio show. A show which she was currently absent from. Again his hand reached for his phone. Only this time, he gave into temptation and rang Margo.

“Margo, what’s going on?” he asked his sister as soon as she answered the phone.

“Parker, I’m a bit busy right now. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Don’t you dare hang up on me, Margo Marie Winston. Tell me what’s is going on with Allie,” Parker demanded before softening his approach. “Is it her stalker? I need to know.”

“What’s it to you, Parker?”

“Damn it, Margo. She’s my mate!”

“Yes, she is. A mate, I might add, that you refuse to claim,” Margo said with nothing but disgust in her voice. “She’s become a good friend to me, Parker. A friend you seem content in using for your pleasure with no consideration for her.”

Parker wanted nothing more than to deny his sister’s accusations, because he had come to realise that Allie deserved better. But he couldn’t. He wasn’t even sure he would be able to stop taking his pleasure from Allie either. She had become his own personal drug. A drug he had already become addicted to. He was pulled from his musings when he heard an unfamiliar male voice coming over the phone.

“Miss Winston, will you be staying with Miss Fisher?”

“Yes,” Margo replied.

“Good. Then I need you to keep her temperature down as best you can. If it gets any higher, call me straight away,” the man said. “Now, I’ve rung through a prescription for antibiotics. The pharmacy should be delivering them within the hour. Please make sure she finishes all the tablets, and ensure you keep her fluids up.”

“Thank you, doctor.”

Parker had his answer. Allie was sick. He waited patiently for Margo to come back on the phone. He could hear rustling through the earpiece, followed by a door closing. He had assumed once the doctor had been seen out, he would hear the full story. He was wrong.

“Margo?” his call had been met with silence. “Margo, damn it. Tell me what the hell’s going on!”

“There’s not much to tell, Parker,” Margo said, finally acknowledging his presence on the other end of the phone. “Allie’s sick!”

“That much I gathered. What the hell is wrong with her?” he demanded.

“She’s got a bad case of the flu. Nothing for you to worry about.” He heard Margo’s attempt at sarcasm, but the worry in her voice seemed to override it.

“I’ll be right over!” he said, already gathering his keys.

“Don’t bother, Parker. If she needs healing, I’ll give her some of my blood,” Margo said.

“Don’t you dare! I will heal her,” Parker shouted. “That’s my mate.”

“Bullshit!” Margo spat down the phone. “If she really was that to you, then you wouldn’t be able to treat her the way you have. Do us all a favour and stay away from her.”

“I can’t,” Parker admitted. The fight was suddenly absent from his voice.

“And she can’t survive much more of what you have been dishing out. You take a little more of her soul every time you take what you want from her and then turn your back on her.”

“Are you forgetting she turned her back on me last time?” he challenged weakly.

“Oh, big brother, I haven’t forgotten. I was picking up the pieces all night!” Margo’s words resonated with him long after she had hung up on him.

Parker finally slumped back in his chair, conceding he was going nowhere. After everything he had learnt about Allie, he should have known her rejection was all an act. He had already seen how much of a giver she was, just by her actions. She gave to her mother, her readers, and the homeless, all of whom he was sure would have appreciated everything she has done for them. Then he came along and just took from her for his own pleasure, using her like a whore, rather than his mate. For the first time in a very long time, he felt shame. His mistreatment of Allie would stop now. He would wait for her to come to him, rather than go to her and take from her. Three days later, he was having trouble remaining so honourable. Especially when he had heard through his sources that Allie was back on her feet and currently helping out at the soup kitchen. He had no problem with her working there. What he did have trouble with was who she was working alongside. Sebastien.

Adult Excerpt


She watched as his elegant long fingers began separating the keys. Her fear all but forgotten as her mind, along with her hormones had her imagining all the wonderful things he could do with his hands. And all of them were to her naked body. Her pussy began weeping, soaking her underwear. Parker visibly inhaled deeply before growling.

He handed her back her keys and said, “Open the door before I take you out here in the hallway.”

Her hands began to tremble, not from the threat, but the blatant promise his words held. She no sooner had the door open, than he was pushing her through it. As soon as they had both crossed the threshold, Parker had kicked the door shut, and had her body pinned to the wall just inside the door. His impressive bulge pressed into her back.

“I need you. Please say ‘yes,’” he whispered in her ear.

Without any forethought, she answered with the one reply that would provide them both with a little relief. “Yes!”

Before she could consider the implications of her response, Parker had her turned around. Her back hit the wall with such force that it pushed all the air from her lungs. Her raging hormones overrode any of her panic. Without any of the usual hesitation that went along with a first kiss, Parker’s mouth came down on hers, hard. Her hands found their way up to his hair. She held on to it as he continued his assault on her lips. His tongue pushed through her slightly parted lips, seeking a dance partner. Hers quickly obliged. As she took her first taste of the man who had haunted her every thought, she felt his extended fangs. Swiping her tongue over them, she heard him groan.

“Bedroom?” Parker asked breathlessly when he pulled back from the kiss.

Lifting her arm, she directed her finger down the hallway that led to all the bedrooms. Pointing was the only means of communication she currently had. All her senses were going haywire. Never before had she ever experienced anything like it. Parker must have realised that a pointed finger was all he was going to get. So he followed her muted directions, rushing them both down the hallway. He stopped outside the only two closed doors. Lifting his nose to the air, he smelt. Without a word, he opened the one belonging to her bedroom.

He pushed her toward the bed, only stopping when her legs hit the wooden frame. She whimpered when he stepped back. She immediately noticed the loss of his body heat. He held a finger up in front of her. That was all the warning she got before the sharp, vampire talon ran down her chest, slicing her clothing. Her tight T-shirt and sports bra slid down her arms and fell from her body.

Parker’s slow perusal left goose bumps in its wake. His eyes darkened further with lust when they fell upon her breasts. His large hands came up to cup them, squeezing them. More juices escaped her already overflowing pussy. She could now smell her own arousal. It seemed to add to her excitement. Parker wasn’t immune to its effects either.

His hands left her breasts and moved down her body. Their destination, her hips, still clad in yoga pants. With a smile, Parker ran his taloned finger over her lower body. She trembled as his path became obvious to her. Widening her stance, she allowed him access to her most private of areas. She wasn’t disappointed.

The sharp talon gave her nothing but exquisite pleasure. Its feathered touch traced her pussy, eliciting a moan from her. The sweet torture had her clit demanding the same treatment. Before she could verbalise the request, Parker had removed his finger and shredded her pants.

“Get on the bed, now!” he ordered, as he removed his own clothing.

Allie quickly scrambled onto her bed, desperate not to lose sight of Parker for too long. She wanted to drink in everything there was to this man, including the amazing body she knew he hid below his well-tailored shirts and pants. When she had settled, she turned to appreciate the view. His toned abs and sculpted chest were magnificent. But it was his cock that drew her eyes.

It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, in a scary kind of way. It stood thick and long, pointing proudly toward his stomach. The purple shade of the mushroom head, had just become her favourite colour. Licking her lips, she had the sudden urge to take a cock into her mouth for the first time in her life. The groan that came from Parker had her eyes reluctantly leaving the magnificent sight and moving up toward his face. There, she noticed his pained expression.

“Last chance to back out,” he said through clenched teeth.

“I need you, Parker. Please!”

“Are you on the pill?”


“Good” was all he said before he pounced.

He landed over her, pinning her to the bed. He nudged her legs apart and began rubbing his cock against her greedy pussy. She tried to lift her hips, desperate to guide his cock to where she needed it. But his body held her captive under him. It would seem that he had plans of his own. Thankfully, those plans seemed to coincide with hers.

He thrust into her with such force, her head ended up at a strange angle. She found herself facing the headboard of the bed. Not that she was complaining. Everything felt like it had righted itself in her life as soon as he entered her.

Interview With Emma Anderson


Age: 42


Q: Where are you from?
 I was born in England, but now live in Australia

Q: Tell us a little about yourself.
I have three boys. One big one I call Hubby and two gorgeous sons. I’m a trained teacher, who took up writing when her boys were young. As an avid reader, I couldn’t stop once my sons were born, but I found reading the more complex books a waste of time because I would end up reading the same page over and over. So I returned to reading romances. I found that the easy to read style fulfilled my need to read, while not taking my attention away from my sleeping child.

Q: Tell us your latest news? My current book Refusing His Second Chance stayed at number one for over a week. This had me excited because only one of my other four books made it to number one, and it only stayed there for two days.

Q: When and why did you begin writing? I began writing when my boys were young. I’m a romantic at heart so the ideas just kept coming. I eventually decided to write some of them down.

Q: When did you first consider yourself a writer? I still consider myself an apprentice writer. My first book was only published at the beginning of this year, and I’m still learning. My writing has improved under the guidance of some great editors, as well as my fellow Siren authors. They are always willing to offer guidance when needed.

Q: What inspired you to write your first book? 
The characters in my head just wouldn’t leave me alone until I wrote their story down. There always seem to be plenty of others once I have finished one book.

Q: What books have most influenced your life most? 
One of the first books that I can remember ever being read to me was The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I have read many books since. One that seems to stick in my mind was Catherine Neville’s The Eight. As for my romantic side, I remember reading Sweet Valley High series in high school, and then the list grow long and extensive after that.

Q: If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
 I don’t think I could choose. Many of the Siren author have provided me with great advice and guidance. I have a sounding board in my friend, Bellann Summer. We started on this journey together. Our first books were published the same day. Prior to that we had no idea that the other existed, but have become extremely close since.

Q: What book are you reading now?
 Unfortunately, my love for reading has taken a backseat to my writing. I’m unable to read while I’m writing, and my characters just won’t leave me alone. By the way that isn’t a complaint, I love the stories they tell me, but I just wish, every once in a while I could just sit back and enjoy one of the many books on my growing To Be Read list.

Q: What are your current projects? 
I’m currently writing my first ménage. One sassy vet and twin alpha wolf shifters. The problem, one of the twins doesn’t think he deserves happiness due to something that happened in his past.

Find Emma Online:

Author's page: www.bookstrand.com/emma-Anderson
Buy link: www.bookstrand.com/refusing-his-second-chance
email: emmaanderson.writer@yahoo.com.au
Blog: http://author-emma-anderson.blogspot.com.au/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emmaanderson.writer
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/600143.Emma_Anderson

Monday, September 15, 2014

Operation Weight Loss: Week 1

I am the queen of hitting the restart button, and here I am again. I've tanked my weight loss plans more times than I can count when a really yummy pack of cookies or a decadent piece of cake (or two) caught my eye. So here I am making my disgrace public and getting back to business. My thought is this: By making my plans public, I'll be more likely to stick to them. So here goes:

I have lost 15 pounds since I've started, despite my crazy flip flopping from healthy eating to consuming whatever crap happens to be within reach. I think it look me four or five months to shed the first 15. My goal is to lose the last 15 pounds in the next three months. Yeah, I'm tired of dieting and I want to be able to eat for maintenance.

 I KNOW I can do this. A couple of years back I lost 30 pounds in 6 months. What happened, you ask? I got pregnant with my darling daughter and ate everything in sight. Seriously, I was eating for four. The only thing standing in my way now is a crazy, wicked sweet tooth and a tendency to eat when I'm upset.

To reach my goal weight by December 15th, just in time for holiday dinners, I need to lose a little over a pound each week. Here's how I am going to do that (really, really this time).

  • Consume 1500 calories each day--proteins, veggies and fruits, limiting simple carbs
  •  Exercise at least 30 minutes, 5 times a week (more if I have the energy)
  • Have lighter sweet stuff handy so I don't give in and eat half a package of Oreo cookies (yes, I've done that.).
Here's a recipe I found in my email today for a Hungry Spice Girl Pumpkin Latte. It contains less than 100 calories, including the whipped cream. Yum!

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Release and Giveaway: A Hunter's Heart

The Hunters

They were created by the Gods - immortal Hunters who roam the earth searching out strigoi - the vampire.

The Gods told them there was One person in the world destined just for them - a partner, a lover - and they gave the Hunters the ability to convert them to immortality.

So now they search through the eons for both their One and to destroy the strigoi.



Book 1 : The Hunters

Charlotte, single, 54 with psychic abilities, is stalked by something evil, but unknowingly saved.  Her saviour is Matei Lupei. Charlotte is so attracted to Matei yet he is young enough to be her son and she tries to ignore the feelings of love she has.

But for Matei, Charlotte is his 'One' and he must convince her that he is an immortal strigoi hunter, in love with her and, despite his fangs and need for blood, that he is not a vampire.

" ... Tall, so very tall and imposing. He had dark hair pulled back from his face. His face was so masculine yet with a beauty of its own; that 5 o'clock stubble look, with unbelievable green eyes. He simply oozed maleness and sex... and; oh yes, and he was young, very young; he looked about 30. Charlotte felt her heart rise then plummet   ..."  

Buy It Here! http://www.bookstrand.com/hunters-heart


A chance to win an ecopy of A Hunter’s Heart, Daemons Are Forever and The Club: Bound  (Book 1 in The Club series) by subscribing to Suzy's newsletter on her website.  Each month you have the chance to win ebooks.

Story Excerpt  


“Good morning, my heart.”
For a moment, Charlotte wondered what was happening, then she remembered the events of the night before, but foremost in her mind was the fact that he had forced her to sleep. She jumped to her feet, furiously grabbing the quilt to cover her nakedness.
“Never! And I mean never! Never force me to do something again. Do you understand?”
Charlotte was irate, her voice low but filled with fury.
“Cara, please.”
“No, none of this Cara business, I mean it, Matei. If there is a chance that we will stay together…” Matei went to interrupt her but she held up her hand. “If we are going to stay together, I have to know whatever I do is of my own volition. I don't want to wonder whether you are directing my thoughts. You do that one more time and I don’t care if I ruin the rest of my life, I will walk away from you and not look back.”
She glared at him. “Get it, Hotshot?”

* * * *

Matei had the good grace to look chastened. He nodded his head, not risking speaking. Charlotte’s eyes were flashing, her whole body was filled with anger, such charged emotion, and he was excited by it. In his mind, she was wonderful, standing up to him as if he were a mere child instead of a powerful immortal. She had no idea the power he had at his fingertips and even if she did, he thought she would still berate him.
He held out one hand, waiting for her to take it. He would not bend to her or take her hand, he needed to know that she would come to him.
No words were spoken as he waited. She searched his face and then he felt her enter his mind. She could see how he felt. He was sorry that he had caused her distress, sorry that he had forced his will on her, but upmost was the fact that she excited him and he was aroused by her.
He watched as she released her anger. He sat patiently, hand outstretched, for her to make that first move. She spoke quietly, trying to make him realize just how serious she was.

* * * *

“Understand, Matei, I need this. I need to know everything I do is because I choose to. I'm  sure you would prefer that what I do is because I want to also. Promise me you'll  never compel me to do something.”
“Charlotte, I cannot promise that”—she drew a ragged gasp—“but what I will promise you is I will not compel you to do anything unless your safety is at risk.”
Looking into his eyes, she realized that was a great compromise for him. Thinking it through, she understood his caveat.
“Okay, I think I can live with that but later we may have to define what a safety risk is.” She reached out and took his hand.
As he pulled her to his chest and kissed her deeply, the quilt fell by the wayside.
Several minutes later Charlotte sleepily murmured into his chest, “What time is it?”
“It has just struck the hour of seven, I must leave you before the sun rises much further. I need to sleep.”
“Oh. Okay, I understand.”
“Charlotte, we need to speak more. I need to answer all the questions that are in your mind, Cara, but it will have to be tonight.”
Charlotte looked at him. She was feeling overwhelmed by the feelings he generated in her and thought some time without him would give her a chance to think things through.
Reluctantly she sat up as he moved from her side. He kissed her gently then stood alongside the bed.
“Do not be afraid, we have the ability to disappear at will. May I return tonight?”
“Until then, Iubită.”
With those words, Matei disappeared. Charlotte’s eyes were wide with wonder. Now that was a neat trick, she thought.

Adult Excerpt

Running her fingers the length of his shaft, she could feel the strength as it hardened completely. Charlotte decided if she was going to do this she may as well enjoy herself and do exactly what she wanted.
“Charlotte do you feel okay? I don't  want to make love to you if you are still tired.”
Instead of replying, she lifted up onto her side and eyed the glorious body in front of her. She felt Matei start to move to hold her so she looked at his face and shook her fingers at him. “Ah ah, my turn.”
He gave that cheeky grin with one raised eyebrow and Charlotte felt her stomach drop. Amazing how that little quirk was fast becoming something she adored.
So back to the inspection.
Running one hand across his pelvis and around his groin, she felt the muscles tense so she decided that a lick across the bows, so to speak, would be good. Leaning forward, she ran her tongue across his navel then down the line of hair that led downward, stopping just before his turgid dick.
Then bypassing it, she licked her way to the top of his thigh. Deciding to get comfortable and to be able to look at his face, Charlotte maneuvered herself so she was between his legs. Matei looked as if he wanted to drag her up his body, but she shook her head then leant forward to continue her tongue’s journey.
Now that she was in a better position to tease and explore, Charlotte place one hand on one leg and licked alongside his knee, then moving in sweeping circles upward she journeyed to the top of his inner thigh. She could feel his muscles tense as she got closer and closer to her goal. Her tongue briefly skimmed his testicles and she heard a quick gasp.
Smiling to herself, she looked at her prize. The head was standing proudly before her and a tiny pearl drop was running down the side of the shaft. She leaned forward and licked it off, Matei’s groans more audible.
Running her tongue along the tip of his penis, she swirled across and down the head then ran her tongue along the underside length of it and along the perineum toward his anus.
Matei grabbed her hair with one hand, so she continued to lick across and then once more across his testicles and onto the swollen cock again. She ran her hand up his leg and felt the weight of his balls, caressing and gently squeezing them. Using her elbows to take her weight, she used the other hand to pull back the skin on the head and run her tongue across it.
Ever so slowly, she took him into her hot mouth, her tongue swirling across the tip and into the eye. Charlotte could taste the sweet salty taste of him as she began to slide his cock deeper into her mouth, all the while caressing his balls.
Knowing she could never fit the whole of his shaft in her mouth and throat, Charlotte decided to use her teeth and tongue to heighten his pleasure as she took his penis in and out of her mouth. Judging by the way Matei was moaning and tightening his grip on her hair, she knew he was enjoying the experience as much as she was. She stopped to look at his face.
“Merge with me,” he groaned in her head.
As she did, she drew a gasp, she could feel the sensations that Matei was feeling and it heightened her arousal.
She could feel her mouth on his penis as if she were him but at the same time she could still feel her own pleasure. She gave a few experimental licks. Not only could she feel what it was like to taste him, she could tell what it felt like to him to have her tongue running the length of his shaft. How it made him squirm with desire and arousal. How it made him want to roll her over and fuck her.
She rolled his testicles in one hand. She felt his increased pleasure at the way the balls moved with the pressure of her fingers.
Her whole perception of foreplay changed in that instance.
Now she had the perfect weapon and with a wicked grin at him, she lowered her head once more and took him into her mouth. Using her teeth she drew back the foreskin and licked, then slid the shaft into her mouth as far as she could before withdrawing back to the tip. Between her legs, she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter as she felt both his sensations and her own pleasure at sucking on his cock.
As she withdrew his penis, she sucked hard and let him feel her teeth running up the outside of the shaft, her tongue licking the eye and with her hand holding the base. Overwhelming sensations greeted her and she heard herself moan in the back of her throat in time with Matei.

About Suzy Shearer

Suzy is single and lives in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, Australia.  She is an author, an artist, a computer nerd and a voracious reader. She has a penchant for crazy coloured hair - pinks, purples even rainbowed .... it changes every month  - oh yes, and for tattoos! 

Her books always feature older heroes and heroines; ranging from mid 40s to 60s.  
"Just because we are older doesn't mean we aren't intriguing, desirable, open to challenges and willing to experiment."  Suzy wants her readers to understand that sexy isn't just for the under 30s ... lol

When not writing, she is usually painting - an accomplished watercolour Artist.  Her subjects range from portraits and animals to nudes and landscapes.

 Contact Suzy Shearer Online!

Website:        http://suzyshearer.wix.com/suzy
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New Release: Sex, Love, and Rock ‘n’ Roll (Rock Stars 2)

[PolyAmour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Multiple Partner Romance, M/M/M/M/M, intersex hero, cross-dressing, sex toys, HFN]

Sex, love, and rock ‘n’ roll are all Adam believes is holding the band Rock Hard together. In the week’s following their last concert, Adam, Deuce, L.T., and Jamie have not held a practice, and their new album is unfinished. The jealousies and secrets that almost tore them apart have changed to new conflicts. In a fit of rage, Jamie tells Adam that the five of them are nothing but “jealous hearts,” when the insanity hits.

Zane, the band’s physician, is now living at the Rock Hard mansion full time.  He believes that the four men, who have captured his heart, need the love of a real man to keep them grounded.  As each man turns to Zane for comfort, Adam realizes they all need time to heal.  In what Zane calls a “tremendous act of love and devotion,” Adam gives a heartfelt message to Rock Hard’s fans in the hopes they can begin a new chapter in their lives.

Note: This book contains drug use.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Buy It Here! http://www.bookstrand.com/sex-love-and-rock-n-roll



Story Excerpt


Adam felt a combination of emotions, all fighting their way for recognition. Sitting down on his bed, he reached for some loose pieces of sheet music on the nightstand. He looked at the finished product of Zane’s song, “A Forever Love.” Jamie was right, what had started as his heart speaking in lyrics to his new husband, should now be a testament to all of their jealousies. Picking up his pen nearby, Adam angrily scratched out the title, replacing it with “Jealous Hearts.” When that didn’t appease him, Adam ripped the pieces of paper in one smooth motion, tearing them in two. As the torn music fell at his feet, the front man thought for a brief moment that his actions were symbolic of the drama and chaos still present in his household.

He decided there would not be a song titled, “A Forever Love.” Nor would he ever write another power ballad for just one man. He made that mistake himself. Closing his eyes, Adam sank backward onto the bed. His thoughts returned to the last night of their tour, six weeks ago, at the arena in Little Rock. I’m dedicating this next song to Zane. The guys and I are in the process of working on a new album. There will be another power ballad titled, “A Forever Love.” The song was written in love…written for the man I’m holding in my arms.

As those words circled though his mind, Adam knew one of his mistakes was singling out Zane that night. He also felt that somewhere in the marriages he shared with each man, his greatest flaw was not being the support they needed. That not only washed sadness over him, but anger. Rock Hard’s fans didn’t know the half of it. He was not about to let their private life become a media sensation. Even Deuce’s detox had been hidden from prying eyes. The worst thing to hit the tabloids was that Zane had forged nonprofessional relationships with the band members.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”

Adam heard Deuce’s voice behind him. Sitting up, he hadn’t realized his husband had walked into their bedroom.

“Deuce, you should be with L.T. He doesn’t need to be alone, especially after what I told him,” Adam said, with his back turned to his husband.

“I’ll check on him in a few minutes. Right now, we need to talk.”

“There’s nothing to talk about, Deuce. I was supposed to be the strength of this family. I saw the disappointment and pain in all of your eyes while we stood together in the kitchen.”

“Maybe Zane should counsel us all…as a family.”

“Honestly, Deuce, at this point?”

Adam watched as Deuce took a seat next to him on the bed. His lover twined their fingers together.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you about the pills and L.T.”

“Baby, you already told me that.”

“The first time I couldn’t get a hard-on was with Zane, about a week after the detox. The next was the first time Jamie let me touch him a few days later. We were kissing and nothing was happening. Luckily, Jamie stopped the affection. I don’t how I would have explained it to him.”

“It happens, Deuce. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. I’m not mad about the pills. I’m upset because something so intimate should have been shared with me. If you were having that type of problem you should have felt like you could talk to me. I don’t want you to feel pressure about having to be intimate with me, or any of us for that matter.”

“Zane thinks it’s a temporary reaction to the stress of the detox. I have four husbands I love with all my heart. I want to restore what we all shared. I felt like I couldn’t do that unless I could also be intimate with each of you. I know there’s more to this than just sex, but—”

“A lot more,” Adam stopped Deuce’s words, placing a finger over his partner’s lips.

For a moment neither man spoke, as Adam looked deeply into Deuce’s eyes. Everything he needed to see was present in his lover’s stare. He silently wondered why the five of them couldn’t make it work.

“I also should have told you about L.T, but I didn’t want to hurt you anymore. I wanted to try and bear that burden for as long as I could, in the hopes I could help him. He’s really messed up, Adam.”

“I know,” Adam felt tears forming in his eyes. Instead, he closed his lids tightly, stifling the display of emotion.

“Are you sure you’re all right with what Zane wants?” Deuce asked.

Adam felt his partner’s fingers lightly caressing his forearm.

“Are you?” Adam countered.

“I don’t know. I mean, I think I am,” Deuce replied, sighing. “Sometimes, I feel like the five us are running like confused mice in some type of experiment. We’re caught in a maze, but can’t get out. We take a few steps one way, and then we find ourselves back at where we started.”

“I know I’ve always taken the lead in making decisions for this family.”

“I know that, golden boy.”

“There’s a part of me that wants to try Zane’s suggestion, but I don’t want it to change what we share. Despite our problems, I feel closer to you now than I ever have, Deuce. I love you so very much.”

Watching as Deuce walked to the door and locked the doorknob, Adam knew what they had started in Zane’s bed earlier that afternoon was going to be finished. Zane’s suggestion of a ménage would have to wait, because right now, he felt his lover’s arms pulling him close.

Adult Excerpt 

“Zane!” Jamie moaned.

“That’s right, James. While I get you opened up, Adam is going to straddle my face and put his cock in my mouth. Adam, do you want me to suck your dick?”

Adam had begun to rub his own cock as he watched the erotic play forming before his eyes. He felt Deuce swat him on the ass, as he positioned himself over Zane’s upper chest. While he rested both his knees on the bed, his dick went flush with Zane’s face. Then Adam’s head went back in pleasure as he felt the warm heat of Zane’s mouth sucking his entire length.

“Zane, finger-fuck me good!” Jamie moaned.

Zane’s other hand was now rubbing Adam’s sac, as the front man felt the doctor’s fingers tenderly caressing each of his nuts.

“Don’t stop,” Adam whimpered, as Zane pulled back for just a second.

“Sweetheart, I have got to tell our other two husbands what to do. They want this commitment, too.”

“Mmm…Zane!” Jamie cried.

“I still make the decisions for us in this house, Zane Foster,” Adam spoke breathless.

“That you do, Adam, but right now I’m in control.”

“Oh holy shit, Zane, that feels good!”

Zane’s fingers were continuously rubbing his groin, as his sac swelled, tight against his body.

“Adam, look at our two husbands over there,” Zane whispered.

Adam turned his head to see Deuce lying between L.T.’s legs on the king-sized bed. The couple was French kissing, as their tongues danced wildly in each other’s mouths.

“Sweetheart, James is almost ready for me to penetrate him, and then we’re going to get Deuce and L.T. to join us.”

Adam closed his eyes, as he felt his heart beating hard inside his chest. His skin tingled, as he listened to the sounds filling the room. His own whimpers were mixing with Jamie’s cries of pleasure, as he heard the groans of the couple lying beside him.

“James, slowly slide down my dick,” Zane said. “Surrender to me.”

Adam tried to look over his shoulder because he wanted to see Jamie’s expression.

“Look at me, Adam. James will make enough noise to arouse all of us.”

When Adam turned his face back to Zane, he saw the arousal in the doctor’s eyes.

“L.T. and Deuce, stop making out over there, and become a part of this commitment,” Zane whispered. “Adam, there’s enough room for your Dom to straddle me, too, and put his dick inside you, don’t you think?”

Adam saw Zane toss the lube to L.T., and within a matter of seconds, he felt the drummer’s breath warm on his neck. He let his head fall back against his husband, as L.T. began to kiss their secret spot on his shoulder.

“Whimper all you want, sub,” L.T. whispered in his ear. “Zane is going to have your cock buried so deep within his mouth, while I get you ready to take me. No one knows about our spot except us. I’m sure other secrets will be shared between lovers tonight, too.”

“Are you aroused, hot rocker boy?” Zane asked Deuce.

“Don’t make me wait anymore, Daddy,” Deuce replied.

Adam turned his head again to see Deuce rubbing his cock, while the entire shaft glistened with pre-cum.

“Dammit, I need to be made love to!” Jamie moaned.

“We will…all of us to each other,” Zane responded. “Damn. Damn. Damn. I cannot believe how aroused I am right now! Adam is right, you are one tight little bitch, James.”

“You said that about me, Adam?” Jamie asked, breathless.

“He did not have to, James. I have heard him making love to you. Next, you are to allow Deuce to touch you.”

“I don’t know—”

“James,” Zane interrupted, “let your husband touch you. I have more than just a ménage planned. Adam is reconnecting to L.T. So, you need to show Deuce what is in your heart, because I see it written all over your face every time you see him.”

“Adam?” Jamie asked.

“Little bitch, do what the doctor asks, he’s only trying to help us.”

Adam saw Deuce moving behind them, as he imagined the tenderness in his hands for Jamie. He could almost feel Deuce’s touch, even though the guitarist’s hands were nowhere on his body. Instead, two of L.T.’s fingers were inside Adam, pumping him gently.

“Zane, there’s a black bag in my nightstand,” L.T. said. “Can you reach it?”

“Adam is blushing, Lemmuel,” Zane said.

“He always flushes when he’s aroused. He’s got this conversation we have, too. I listen while his heart submits to me in high-pitched whimpers.”

“Adam,” Jamie said seductively, “does moan like a bitch.”

“Shut up, bitch!” Adam spoke playfully.

“Candy cane,” L.T. said, “hush and concentrate on Zane’s cock up your ass, and Deuce’s hands on your body.”

“David, you are the man of my dreams, now let James know he is the man of yours,” Zane said.

Adam felt Zane’s lips back around his dick, as he heard the hum of L.T’s prostate massager. He gasped, when he felt the device being inserted inside his anal cavity.

“I love you, sub,” L.T whispered. “Zane’s making you feel good, too. The moaning you hear is Jamie giving his heart to Deuce again. God, that sounds so good!”

“Sweet boy, I love you,” Deuce crooned to Jamie.

“Tell us what Deuce is doing to you, James?” Zane asked.

 “His hands are all over my body…including my cock,” Jamie replied.

“We have figured out the physical part of loving as a ménage à cinq, I want us to experience the emotional part of this commitment,” Zane spoke again.

Not only was Zane still rubbing Adam’s sack, but L.T. was checking the smooth area of flesh between his sac and entry. His husband always rubbed his fingers over the skin before penetrating him.

“Sub, you’re more than ready to take me,” L.T. whispered into Adam’s ear.

Watch the Trailer!






About Andrew Jericho 


Andrew Jericho is a ManLove erotic romance author for Siren-BookStrand Publishing. As a long supporter of LGBTQ rights, he  is thrilled to be able to reflect this in the publication of  his books which explore the lives of gay men in real situations of life and love.

Andrew’s  writing proves love and erotic attraction are the same regardless of gender and/or sexual orientation. Often his characters select themselves, as they are provided with a literary voice. Once a story develops, Andrew is compelled to see it through to completion. His characters make sure of that fact. Love and eroticism are two very important and powerful emotions that drive not only Andrew’s characters, but his style of writing as well. In their purest forms, Andrew has seen those concepts transform characters into better individuals.

Andrew is a gay transgender man, who lives with his partner, John Jericho, and family. When not writing expect to find him enjoying spending time with family, photography, eclectic tastes in music and the arts, and browsing the local library and art galleries. All of Andrew’s work can be found at: Andrew Jericho.


Contact Andrew Online:

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Sensuous Promos Party Site: Win a Kindle!!!

Sensuous Promos Party Site: Suzette Rose Cauler's The Secret Keeper's Choice: Watch for contest below The Secret-Keeper’s Choice Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, vampires, spanki...

Meet My Character Monday: Kane Ettore

I'm super excited to participate in the Meet My Character Monday blog hop and introduce you to one of my absolute favorite characters, vampire Kane Ettore.

Before we get started, I'd like you to meet the talented Mardi Maxwell, who invited me to participate. Here's what Mardi would like you to know:

I was born in Utah but I've lived in sunny California, hot and dry west Texas, and the mountains of Colorado. I wrote and sent in my first book in 2013 and to my surprise it was accepted. Since then I've written three more books in The Doms of Club Mystique series. 

When I'm not writing I'm reading, gardening, cooking, and spending time with my family and friends.  I've just begun doing ceramics again (I'll post some of my projects on my blog) and I try to swim several times a week. The rest of my time is spent cleaning and refilling the birdbath and birdfeeders in my yard (greedy birds) and traveling.

Mardi is the author of the sizzling hot The Doms of Club Mystique series. I recently read the first book in this series, To Love and Obey, and it was amazing! Go ahead and visit Mardi on her blog to learn more about her fantastic books.


The character below comes from Taking Chances, which is Book 1 of the Dakota Laveaux Series. Here's a blurb:

Dakota Laveaux is a shape-shifter on a dangerous mission. Forced to steal from a powerful vampire, she enters the home of brothers Kane and Elijah Ettore to find an ancient elixir. Alon, a sadistic, power-drunk werewolf, promises Dakota two things for her cooperation: He will allow her to live and help her destroy the gang of soul-suckers that killed her only friends.

Three things threaten Dakota’s mission: an animal hunger for the most feared vampire in North America, a failed glamour spell, and a missing elixir. She escapes the Ettore compound with the ancient Dagger of Tartarus and a scroll that predicts the future. Unfortunately, Kane Ettore is hot on her trail and as desperate to claim her as he is to reclaim the dagger and the scroll.

Even as she struggles with Alon, Dakota gives into her passion for Kane, putting her life, and her very soul, at risk. As an all-consuming need for Kane’s touch overwhelms her, Dakota must not only choose between life and death but also love and revenge. Should she trust the vampire she’s already betrayed or take her chances with the cunning werewolf who has promised to help her? How far will she go to win this deadly game, and will she lose her heart in the process?

Meet Kane Ettore

Who is Kane? Kane is head of the Ambrohio clan of vampires. He's not only incredibly handsome and sexy but also one of the most powerful, deadly vampires in North America. Kane is used to women throwing themselves at him but has grown bored with their too-easy surrender. That's when he meets Dakota Laveaux, a beautiful, daring shape-shifter, who challenges him from the very start. The passion between them burns white-hot, but Dakota's no pushover. She's just the right mix of sexy and smart to keep Kane on his toes.

How does the heroine see Kane? (Taken from the book) Elijah was well over six feet tall, with broad shoulders that definitely said he could handle it, a dark mop of wavy black hair that set off smoky brown eyes and eminently kissable lips. His expression was dark and brooding yet unabashedly sensual. He looked as if he had secrets only fit for whispering within a tight embrace.

What's unique about Kane?  Kane has an identical twin brother named Elijah. While they're both dark, powerful, and potent, Kane is more thoughtful and feeling than his twin. He wants more than what's expected of him as leader, more than the spoils that are so easy to take.

When and where is this story set? Present day, East Coast, USA. Kane's home/compound is a little northwest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Much of the story takes place there and in downtown Philadelphia.

What is Kane's main conflict in the story? Dakota steals some very important relics from him and he has to get them back. They're crucial for the future of his clan. He could torture her until she gives them up, but that's the last thing he wants to do. He doesn't just want the relics. He also wants Dakota.

What is Kane's goal in this series? Kane's main goal is to lead the clans in the war that will eradicate the wolves, or so the legend says. That and keeping his clan on top are all he cares about, at least until he meets Dakota and discovers something even more important.

Grab your copy of Taking Chances from any of these booksellers:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Taking-Chances-Laveaux-Publishing-Classic-ebook/dp/B00JDLXAX6
BookStrand: http://www.bookstrand.com/taking-chances
Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/taking-chances-the-dakota-laveaux-series-suzette-rose-cauler/1119074341?ean=9781627414333
Kobo: http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/taking-chances-33

Meet Even Sultry. Even will participate in Meet My Character Monday on September 15th. Be sure to visit Even's blog for another character introduction!

Hey guys and gals. The name is Sultry, Even Sultry. Even for the delicate balance between man and woman, and Sultry for this delicious genre we all love. I’m a guy who loves reading, writing and romance. I have been married to a simply gorgeous woman for quite some time now. We have two darling children who delight our world, as well as a scruffy ‘ol cat named Figaro ;/

Romance is a favorite of mine. Nothing is better than creating or reading a story with a happy ending. Such things make life seem a little brighter, a little fuller. Perhaps even a little more spectacular.

Blog link: http://evensultry.blogspot.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EvenSultry
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Even-Sultrys-Reading-Paradise/1536057009959552
Book Link: http://www.bookstrand.com/celestial-triumvirate

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In the Spotlight: Author Grace Ryles

About Grace Ryles

Grace Ryles currently lives in Orlando, Florida with her beloved husband. Originally from New York, Grace grew up fast and learned a lot of truths at a young age. Early on, she realized the escape that books could give her from a world that was less than understanding. As a teenager, Grace began writing stories inspired by her environment and her favorite authors. Though she never attempted to publish them, writing became a new escape, one where she could create the perfect ending for the underdog. Grace’s stories always had a common factor. The end result was always an HEA. Writing took a back burner as life intruded but reading always remained as a deep passion. It wasn’t until reading her first ménage, Divine Grace by Heather Rainier, that she discovered the love of polyamorous relationships. Her writing sprang back to life and that’s when Second Chance at Love was created, displaying her love for the polyamory lifestyle.

Grace's Latest Release: 

 It started with an arrangement, temporary no strings attached sex.
On a journey to find herself Emma Daniels never expected to fall into bed with two broody men for a little dominance play. Giving up her dreams of finding the one thing she has always wanted… a family, Emma decides to embark on a month long NSA sex with twins Ryder and Chase. Emma finds herself falling for the twin hotties and wanting more, but their scarred past hinders them from giving her what she wants.
Chase and Ryder Freeman have sworn off women, apart from for one singular exception, sex. Meeting Emma they never expected for her to stir those old emotions, the ones they kept buried deep inside. Determined not to give into those old feelings they propose a compromise, one month no strings attached.
Can these three finally overcome the hurt of their past or will they succumb to it?
Will Emma finally get what she always wanted by claiming her temporary men?

Adult Excerpt


Emma, god she was something else. Over the last few days Ryder found solace in between her legs, and damn was it dangerous to be craving more, more time, more… just more everything. A bright red corvette with an out-of-state license plate sped past him. He smirked, it must be fate that he was thinking about her tight wet heat and she had to cross his patrol area. She was only going a few miles over the speed limit, something he wouldn’t necessarily pull over someone else for, but what he wanted from this stop was much different than dishing out tickets. Putting on his siren and lights, he sped towards his future.
Emma looked down at the speedometer, she wasn’t going much over the posted 75mph sign. Maybe one or two miles over, but now she was being pulled over. Bullshit. She was having such a good day, but a ticket would definitely ruin her high spirits. She had met with both Dr. Sanchez and Ruiz and discussed the possibility of volunteering one or two days a week while she was in town. They were extremely pleasant and handsome, nothing compared to Ryder and Chase, but handsome nonetheless. Both doctors had expressed how much they needed additional help with the patient load and welcomed any and all help. They had even offered her a job but at the moment, she was still undecided as to what she would be doing after the month was up. Pulling over to the side of the road and turning off her engine, she waited for the patrol car to stop and for the officer to step out. Looking in her rearview mirror she gazed at the officer who pulled her over and a small laugh escaped, so maybe she wasn’t being pulled over for her road manners, but something much darker. The officer walked over and tapped on the glass, and, rolling it down, she played along.
“Hello, officer.”
“Good day ma’am, do you know why I pulled you over?” Oh, so he wanted to play, too.
“No this has caught me completely unawares. What could I have possibly done to be pulled over?” Emma said putting on her best innocent act.
“Ma’am, cut the act, I caught you speeding going about 20mph over the posted limit, not to mention I ran those plates and it comes up on a stolen vehicle. So what do you have to say for yourself?” His act was so believable, and if she didn’t know any better, he would have her believing she had stolen her own car. He was a mask of authority, but Emma could see the hunger in his eyes and the erection in his pants.
“I don’t understand what you are saying, I have never stolen anything in my life and I don’t speed.” She feigned shock.
“Don’t play around, I caught you red handed. Now let me see your license and we can discuss what your options are.” Emma could just bet what those options are. She handed over her driver’s license. Giving him a sympathetic look, hoping to gain some advantage in this little game.
“Okay Emma, now here are your only options. I am a lenient man and I can turn the other cheek and let you drive off here, but you would need to do something for me...” he paused and she felt a shiver work down her spine. Her senses tingled and she had an idea of what that something would be. “So what will it be, I can arrest you right here and bring you down to the station or you can follow my car and we can settle this matter… privately? The choice is yours.” Ryder’s voice was smooth and seductive, leaving little to the imagination of what he wanted from this private discussion. So what could do either way Emma was so fucked, literarily.
“Officer, I am telling the truth, I never stole anything. Please can we just forget this and I can go on my way?” she tried to deny what he wanted and knew it would spark his rage. She wanted that rage. Emma could easily give in but what would be the fun in that?
“I’m going to have to ask you to get out of the car, ma’am.” Holy shit! Stepping out of the car, Emma stood on shaky legs. “Turn around and put your hands flat on the roof, you have the right to remain silent…” He started reading over her Miranda rights and she got more into the role.
“Officer, please, don’t arrest me. I-I…” she cried, going deeper into the role she played.
“I gave you a choice. Now you want to renegotiate?” he asked and she nodded. “I usually don’t ask twice, this is your last chance what will it be?” he said gruffly into her ear, and pressed his erection to the cleft of her ass.
“I’ll follow you,” she said, resigned.
“Officer?” she queried. He let her see his open hunger and she knew what would happen next. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her snug against his body, the erection he sported poking her belly.
“You know what is going to happen here, Emma?” His voice darkened, while hers quivered.
“Umm, I don’t know, officer. Please, I promise I didn’t steal that car.” He stopped her from continuing with a bruising kiss to her lips. She tried to keep him out, keep up the farce that was this scene. Ryder grabbed her ass, hard, making her cry out, and he took full advantage, sticking his tongue inside deep. A hand in her hair pulled her away from his lips and he panted out.
“Bend over the hood of the car.” She paused, giving him a scared, innocent look. His smile was pure malicious. “Shall I take you to the station?” Moving slowly, portraying the part while her pussy creamed at what was about to happen, she bent over the hood. Luckily for Ryder, she was wearing a sundress. She felt his heat as he came up behind her.

 Author Interview

When writing, do you have a process? If so, care to share a little?

I don’t know if it is a process as much as it is one of my quirks. I start with a simple concept. I sometimes only know the main characters personality. I imagine the hero or heroine, I think about what of her personality could attract this man or in this case men. The character background is developed first because to me it is essential too who my characters are at their core. After I have created their background stories, I begin to write. Typically you could see my at my computer with my eyes close and typing. I like to play out scenes in my head as I type. Thankfully I can type without looking at the keyboard! I always write everything that comes to mind, I don’t filter my ideas until the very end of the day. I leave all spelling mistakes and all grammar issues for my end of day read through.

What is the hardest part of writing for you?

The hardest part for me would be the dialogue between characters. I have this thing, were I want the conversations to sound extremely authentic and no matter what I do, it never sounds right to me in my head. It is one of the most frustrating parts for me. I can full develop the story or the world, but for me the dialogue is never right. I have learned over the years that I just need to step away. I usually will have someone close to me read the dialogue and give me a critique about its authenticity. At the end, I am always 100% satisfied with what I created and that is all that really matters. Isn’t it?

What inspired you to start writing?

Since I was a child, I loved to write. It was a sort of escape from the real world for me. Normally, I would jot down my thoughts in a journal and then it transformed form just jotting down feelings and ideas to actual stories. Creating worlds in which the heroine gets her hero is my ultimate swoon fantasy. The first erotic ménage romance book that I read, Divine Grace by Heather Rainier, opened my eyes to this genre. It was like something clicked for me. I never before had imagined this type of literature existed and when I discovered it was a like a light bulb going off and telling me this is what I needed to do. Over the years, I had written short erotic stories and never thought I was good enough to publish. My husband who has been my rock for so long encouraged me to try my hand at getting published.

Where do the ideas for your stories come from?

They come from everywhere and nowhere. I know such a vague answer. To be honest, I take inspiration from everything around me and all of my life experiences. People watching is one of my embarrassing habits, especially when you get caught watching. My mind wanders as I imagine what lives the people I watch lead. Are they married? Have they experienced loss? Those questions provoke ideas and those ideas cultivate into characters in my stories. When I get an idea for a story in mind, I typically close my eyes and just let the entire story play out in my mind’s eye before I even pick up a pen or a key board. As weird as it sounds, I also have dreams about different characters. It’s usually not enough for a whole story but it gives me glimpses into the lives of these characters.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

My advice to other writers is to just write. Write for yourself and no one else, it has to matter to you. Over the years, I learned that not everyone is going to love everything you create. It’s sad but a truth that, I know once my first book is published, I will have to learn all over again. For me writing was and still is a huge escape, if it is for you, never give up. Remember that you are your own worst critic. Things that may seem insurmountable are really not that bad. Don’t let other’s put down what you created.

What are your current projects?

  I have several projects that are taking my time away from the real world, lol. First I am working on book three of Grand Oak Springs, which will be my first MMF book. Secondly I am working on a BDSM club series entitled Secret House and lastly I am working on a secondary ménage series which will be featuring the good state of Florida, where I currently live.

When/where does inspiration strike you?

Oddly enough, I get truly inspired in the bathroom. It doesn’t matter what I am in the bathroom for but that is where my ideas are cultivated, though mostly in the shower. When I get asked this question I shudder a little bit, because it is such an odd place to get inspired but for me, when I am relaxing in a shower or bath the ideas just start flowing. When I was in college before I wrote any term paper, I would take a nice long hot shower and just let the ideas come to me. Good think I have Dragon Software so I can dictate any ideas I form.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Night Dinner: Shepherd's Pie and Zinfandel

I was in a meat and potatoes kind of mood this Friday night, so I decided to make Shepherd's Pie. All the recipes I found for it looked really, really good, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I used a yummy recipe from AllRecipes.com, but I made a few changes. First, I only had ground turkey, so I used that. And I didn't have any beef broth, so I actually used some pasta sauce instead. Yes, it was an experiment, but I figured, what the hell... And you know what? It turned out amazing. I also went a little overboard on the butter in my potatoes, which is so not good for my diet but oh so right for my taste buds.

The recipe called for:
  • Potatoes
  • Onions
  • Carrots--I used mixed veggies.
  • Butter--I used way more than listed.
  • Cheddar cheese--Went heavy on the cheese.
  • Flour
  • Ground beef--I used ground turkey.
  • Salt and pepper--Skipped the salt but did use the pepper.
  • Vegetable oil--Used canola oil.
  • Beef broth--I used pasta sauce--a few cups.
  • Ketchup--I didn't bother since I used pasta sauce.
Here's the recipe

I had no idea which drinks would go well with Shepherd's Pie, but after a little research I found this list:

  • Buzet
  • Bourgueil
  • Pomerol
  • Chardonnay
  • Bordeaux
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Zinfandel
  • Grüner Veltliner
  • Cabernet Sauvignon NW
I chose white zinfandel. It's a bit of a cheat since I've had it before (many times), but who cares? I was happy! I skipped last week because life just got in the way, but the Buffalo Chicken Lasagna I tried two weeks ago was just amazing. If you're looking for something new and tasty to serve, give it a try!