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In the Spotlight: Author Elle Boon

About Elle Boon

I’m a wife and mother who is a retired stay at home mom of 2. I say retired because my youngest is 14 and my oldest is 20. When my baby went to school, reading saved my sanity, and then the same year he started school, I was diagnosed with Cancer, again reading saved my sanity. When I recovered and realized how quickly life could change, I made a bucket list. The number one thing was to live. Check. On top of that list was to become a published author. Check. Eight years later I have accomplished that goal and several others.
I live in the Midwest, but am a southern girl with only a slight twang who says y’all quite frequently, and am known to say “Bless Your Heart” A LOT. If you know what that means, you do not want to be the one I say that to, lol. I cuss worse than if a trucker and a sailor were put together, but I do it with class *WEG*.

I write what I love to read, erotic romance. My books are definitely full of lots of story, but I leave nothing to the imagination when it comes to the sex. My hope, is that after my readers have read one of my stories, they fall in love with my characters as much as I have.

The best part of my new journey is that I get to create new worlds and have all kinds of stories in my head just waiting to be written.

Elle's Latest Release:

Jaklyn Marx learned at a young age what pain was at the hands of her father. For seventeen years she’d lived with the physical scars, and the knowledge that she was a latent wolf among her pack. But she had extra abilities. She could connect with others mentally, and had helped free the goddess Selena and aided to save Tamara, both were bonded to Ravens. Meeting two men who claimed she was meant to be theirs sent her running.
Gray and Colt had been searching for their Fated for thousands of years. When they saw Jaklyn in Cronus’s temple their first thought was to claim her then and there. However, she’d run from them. When they found her next she disappeared, again, only this time they were prepared to do anything to find her, even call on goddesses.
Just when the trio find happiness a demon from their past threatens to destroy them. Jaklyn refuses to allow her father to take anything else, especially her newfound love for the two men who save her past, present and future.
Seamus Marx spent seventeen years in Hell waiting for a way to return to Earth and extract revenge on those who killed him. He’d make his pack pay for all his suffering, and then he’d make his daughter suffer twice as bad. He found a way out when Cronus brought him and a bunch of other demons through a portal to fight the Ravens, only Seamus was no longer the god’s puppet.
They will need more than just love to defeat Seamus and his tainted pack. They’ll need the help of all the Ravens and a god or two in order to destroy something Cronus created.

Adult Excerpt

Gray lifted her leg over his, stretching her thighs wide. The blunt tip of his cock rubbed against the folds of her soaking pussy, the mushroom shaped head already pushing inside her. His head bent, licking her lips while his arm held her leg near his shoulder. It was a good thing she was flexible, flashed into her mind.
Her taste was as intoxicating as the finest tequila Gray had ever consumed. His tongue traced her raspberry red mouth. Goddess he loved her unique flavor. He closed his eyes, sliding the rest of the way inside of her heated depths. Gray used his powers to stimulate her breasts into tight hard points, hearing her gasp when he emulated the sensation of his mouth on first one nipple and then the next made his dick twitch.
Colt was working her tight rear entrance, and each time he did something she obviously liked, her Kegel muscles nearly strangled him, but you’d hear no complaints from Gray.
His kiss turned voracious. He wanted to memorize everything about this moment. She met him in intensity, her tongue tangled with his, sucking on the tip like a favorite treat.
Gray trickled his power in a slow caress down her ribs, over her flat belly. The jewel in her belly button was a turn on he enjoyed tugging with his teeth. He let his power flare out to roll over her clit in tight slow circles. Them Kegel muscles started squeezing again, and holy shitballs his eyes just about rolled to the back of his head, but he didn’t want to miss one second of this.
Jaklyn tensed up. “I’m not sure this is gonna work, boys.” She breathed out.
“Just relax, baby. We can make this easier for you.” Colt’s hand ran around to cup her breast.
“What do you mean?”
Gray grunted. “We can relax you in more ways than one.”
“Like drug me?”
“Oh for fucksake, no not drug you. You know we can manipulate things right?” He waited for her to finish her vigorous nodding. “We can ease things for you.”
“Well get to the easing, damn it. Have you had something the size of that”—she shoved her ass into Colt—“into your nether region?”
Gray laughed. “Can’t say that I have. Colt, you take care of that, I’ve got the front half filled.”
“Now, that was lame,” Jaklyn said, smiling into his face.
He felt Colt easing inside their woman, her hips rocked forward, her head tilted back as he held Jaklyn more firmly.
Once they were fully inside her, it took everything in him not to try and drive deeper, with his cock right where he wanted it to be he prayed for patience. He glimpsed down to where they were connected, seeing his cock slick from being inside her almost made him come. Fuck, he needed to think about something else.
“Son of a bitch, I’m not… I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything this good in my life.” Colt’s words echoed what Gray was experiencing.
Jaklyn had one arm wrapped around Gray, and the other held Colt’s arm that was locked on her leg.
Gray increased his thrust in tandem to Colt’s, like synchronized music they pushed and pulled out in opposite strokes. The scents of mouthwatering syrup and cinnamon permeated the air, one layering over the other as their essences combined.
Jaklyn’s eyelids slid half closed, while Colt’s and his bodies began to sweat. Her body took on a glistening hue that mesmerized Gray. “You are so fucking beautiful.” His voice cracked. “When I look at you I see my future.”
“And you said you weren’t poetic.” Her fingers twined in Gray’s hair.
Back and forth, they slammed their bodies together, the headboard hit the wall.
“Please tell me you’re close, Jaklyn.” Colt’s voice was hoarse.
“So damn close.”
Gray grunted. “What do you need?”
Her head thrashed, nearly head butting Colt.
Colt pulled almost all the way out of Jaklyn, making her tense. Gray drove higher inside, grinding his pelvis against her clit. He connected with Colt on the spiral path they’d been using for centuries, knowing instinctively what his best friend had planned. When Colt would slam back inside, Gray pulled back, their cocks rubbing against each other almost sending Gray over the edge.
Their thrusts came faster, Gray was lost in the friction of it. Through their link he realized that Jaklyn was just as lost to the sensation of the dual penetration. A scream was ripped from her throat, echoing around the silent room, except for the sounds of their bodies slapping against each other. He and Colt followed her over the edge of bliss, her body squeezing the cum from both of them, milking their seeds from deep within their balls. He shouted, the pounding rhythm completely forgotten.
White-hot heat arced over his body, his hands slick with sweat couldn’t find purchase on Jaklyn’s hips. A dark sensation tingled from his toes up his legs, radiating out of every pore on his body. He locked eyes with Jaklyn and Colt. Both of them had their eyes wide with expressions he was sure mirrored his. A last shout of pleasure as another orgasm was ripped from him, this one even more intense than the last.
Gray and Colt continued to rock back and forth, the sliding motion making Gray’s dick jerk, and more cum spill out. Finally, when he was sure his cock had stopped twitching, he eased out with a groan. “Jaklyn,” he said. “Did we hurt you? Please open your eyes.”
Colt was slower to pull out, his hand waving over their Fated’s body, easing and cleansing her in one smooth motion.

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Interview With Elle


Q: Can you tell us about your main characters and how you got the idea for this book/series?
 A.    My first two books in the series are Selena’s Men and Two For Tamara, which is book1 and 2 in my Ravens of War series. They released at Siren at, but are both available at Amazon and all other ebook retailers. My main characters are Selena and Tamera who are best friends and find their Fated men in each of their books. Max and Malcolm are in Selena’s book and are the leaders of the Ravens while Rafe Blackstone and Vin Thorn are Tamara’s. The Ravens were created by Zeus thousands of years ago. All the men have supernatural abilities, and will do anything to save their Fated.
B.    My newest Release is Jaklyn’s Saviors, which is book 3 in the Ravens of War series. It released on August 4th with Siren and then other retailers in 3-4 weeks. The main characters are Jaklyn a latent wolf and Coltrain “Colt” Mercury and Grayson “Gray” Phine. She helped save Selena in book 1 and then disappeared, much to the two Ravens dismay. In this story I take you to the heart of a wolf pack.

Q: How did you get the idea for this series? How many books do you think will be part of the series?

The idea for The Ravens of War came to me in the shower. There are 12 men who make up the Ravens, and each book is set up as a ménage (so far at least). But, I have outlined 6 books for the Ravens, with one mystery book that I hope the readers will want to read as much as I want to write, making it 7. While writing the stories there have been side characters that have popped up that I hope to write stories for as well. You meet a few of those in Jaklyn’s story and in Tamara’s story she has 2 brothers that are sort of yammering at me.

Q: If you could meet any author, who would it be and why?

Shelly Laurenston and J.R. Ward. I have met so many of my favorite authors, but those two I have never met. I actually did meet J.R. in a small hometown restaurant in Minnesota a few summers ago, but I didn’t ask her for her autograph because she was having lunch with her family. I did however go up and tell her I loved her books and she said thank you very politely  Oh and RE Butler I’d love to meet and Diana Palmer. Seriously the list could go on and on.

Q: Do you have plot your books and write in story order, or do you hop around and sort of wing it?

I am a pantster. I have all my characters names and info about each person written out in detail before I begin the story. I know how I want to start the story, what the conflict will be, and I know there will be a happily ever after at the end. And then I sit down and start to write the story as it unfolds in my mind scene by scene. 

Q: Do you have a specific writing “ritual?”  A quiet room, music, a specific food or drink?  Is there a certain time of day you are more prolific?

 I write anytime I can. I have to have music playing in the background, depending on the scene it can be rock or country. I just need to have something that doesn’t disturb me so that I can be totally engrossed in what I’m writing. And snack food on hand, like RedHots lol. But, depending on the scene the music changes. When writing a sex scene you don’t want to have some break up country song playing, or a heavy metal song, unless it’s a rough up against the wall quickie lol. 

Q: What is your favorite curse word?

 Fuck. I say it all the time, and I am known as wildly inappropriate. I have been known to say “Oh my fucking gawd” in church even.

Q: What is your least favorite curse word?

Cunt. I don’t really like the word, and don’t use it...much. I mean when it’s used during sex and not in a degrading way it’s fine, I can totally get down with the dirty talk lol. But when using it to call someone names? Nope…

Q: What is your guilty pleasure?

Lingerie shopping. I love sexy lingerie. The whole matching bra and panties isn’t just in books, it’s something I truly enjoy, and I spend an ungodly amount of money on them.

Q:  Is there anything else you’d like to share with us today?

I write what I love to read, erotic romance. My books are definitely full of lots of story, but I leave nothing to the imagination when it comes to the sex. My hope, is that after my readers have read one of my stories they fall in love with my characters as much as I have.
The best part of my new journey is that I get to create new worlds and have all kinds of stories in my head just waiting to be written.

I love to hear from readers, you can find me on twitter or Facebook or my website, but I’m on Facebook all the time, so find me, I’d love to hear from you.

Find Elle Boon Online 


Website: www.elleboon.com

Facebok: https://www.facebook.com/elle.boon

Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Elle-Boon-Author/1429718517289545

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElleBoon1

Two for Tamara: http://www.amazon.com/Elle-Boon/e/B00K03HY42/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0 http://www.amazon.com/Tamara-Ravens-Siren-Publishing-Menage-ebook/dp/B00L19WICW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1403325962&sr=8-1&keywords=two+for+tamara+elle+boon

Selena's Men: http://www.amazon.com/Selenas-Ravens-Siren-Publishing-Menage-ebook/dp/B00JZPWPGI/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1405454340&sr=1-1&keywords=selena%27s+men+elle+boon


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Fun Friday: Buffalo Chicken Lasagna and Watermelon Tequila Cocktails

I took some chicken out of the freezer this morning, having no idea what to do with it. Chicken is easy, though, since there are zillions of recipes that call for it, and I knew I'd come up with something sooner or later. Well, it happened sooner than I expected and when I wasn't even looking. I was on Facebook for no more than 5 minutes when a friend posted a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Lasagna. Way to make a girl's life easier! I love buffalo chicken and I love lasagna, so I was all over this one.

Here's the recipe for Buffalo Chicken Lasagna. It looks and sounds delicious, and the best thing about it is I already have all the ingredients. Because, really, who wants to go to the grocery store on a Friday night?

Okay, so this recipe calls for the following (click the recipe link for amounts and instructions):

Olive oil and butter
Cream cheese
Buffalo wing sauce (I could seriously just drink this stuff.)
Hot sauce
Chicken, cooked and shredded
Blue cheese or ranch dressing (Like the recipe's author, I HATE blue cheese, so ranch it is.)
Mozzarella cheese
Lasagna noodles

Now for the drink. What goes with buffalo chicken lasagna? I have NO idea, so I chose a Watermelon Tequila Cocktail since it sounds refreshing, and I have watermelon, limes, blueberries, and tequila. I don't have any fresh mint sprigs, but I'm betting I won't miss them. Here's the recipe for Watermelon Tequila Cocktails.

Last week's choices were chicken enchiladas and strawberry rose margaritas. Both were delicious. I'm hoping tonight's dink and dish are just as good!

Copyright: ryzhkov86 / 123RF Stock Photo

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Spotlight on Author Kelsie Belle

About Kelsie Belle

Kelsie Belle wears many hats – wife, mother and teacher are just a few but the erotic romance writer hat is by far her favorite. Kelsie is wildly gregarious by nature. She considers herself ‘forever 21’ and enjoys reading contemporary romance, Science fiction and fantasy, listening to music and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. A caffeine addict that lives life from one coffee mug to the next, she’s always on the go, ready and waiting for the next adventure.
She has been a storyteller for as long as she can remember, her characters live inside her overactive mind and a thousand stories come to life in her head every day. This novel is the first in her three book paranormal series The White Witch’s Legacy. It promises to be an exciting trip into her wild imagination and she hopes her readers will enjoy the experience of taking a ride outside the ordinary with her.

Kelsie Belle's New Release:

[Siren Allure: Erotic Fantasy/Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, witches, daemons, bondage, spanking, HEA]
When Xander Kane meets a delectable exotic dancer in a bar, he is instantly drawn to her striking beauty. He knows he has to have her, but when he finally convinces her to let him take her home, she disappears without a trace after they share an electrifying night together. He never thought he would see her again, but when fate takes her right back to his doorstep he is intent on making her pay for running out on him like she did. But Raven is not what she seems, and the secrets she hides, coupled with his own dark skeletons, threatens to destroy any hope that Xander harbored for them.
Raven embarks on a perilous journey to protect her mother’s legacy and finds herself fighting for her life at every turn. When she meets Xander Kane, he is everything she wants in a man and everything she cannot afford to let herself have right now. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles that confront them at every turn and find their way to love?


AVAILABLE: Tuesday, August 26th

This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, September 2nd.

 Buy It Here: http://www.bookstrand.com/the-white-witchs-legacy-1-raven 


“Myra, hurry up, girl. I need you up here before the nightfall,” she said, and Myra sighed again. It was already getting dark outside so, with slumped shoulders, she made her way up the flight of rickety stairs, fully expecting a dinner of liver and onions with boiled potatoes to be waiting on her upstairs along with a game of cards.
The scene that met her as she pushed the door open and entered the apartment, however, made her freeze in the doorway, her jaw hitting the wooden floor in shock. Hazel had pushed away all the furniture to leave a wide space in the center or the living area. She had used chalk to draw an enormous star in the middle of the floor, on each point of which there was a lit candle, the flame flickering in the slight breeze that entered through the half-opened window. There were bottles of oils and essence placed on the ground beside the peculiar drawing on the floor, and a black book lay inside it. The salt-and-pepper-haired woman was busy walking around the shape and sprinkling some sort of liquid methodically onto the floor. When she noticed Myra standing dumbfounded in the doorway, she quickly put down the container she was holding and beckoned for the girl to join her where she stood. “Come girl, we don’t have time to waste! The time has come for you to meet your destiny.”
“Aunt Hazel, what is all this?” Myra asked when her wits returned to her. She took several tentative steps forward, wondering if the old woman had finally lost it after all. “I thought we were going to watch The Sound of Music again and then play cards.”
“It is your time, dear girl. Today is the day. This is what I have been preparing you for, for all these years. Come! Take your place now, it will soon begin.”
“Take my place? Where exactly is my place, aunt?” she queried cautiously, her feet still firmly rooted to the spot where she had stopped.
“You are the eldest, Myra, the first. It is you who must bear the Mark first. It will begin with you.”
As much as Hazel’s words confused the heck out of her, Myra didn’t bother to question her any further. She knew her aunt would only keep speaking in riddles so the sooner she did as she was told, the better it would be for her. Hesitantly, she walked over to where the old woman stood, and upon her instructions, she stepped over the outline of the star and went to stand in its center. Immediately, there was a whiplash of lightning, followed by a horrific roar of thunder, causing Myra to jump in fright. Where the hell had that come from? It had been a bright, clear day, no sign of rainclouds anywhere. Suddenly, all coherent thought fled her mind as a searing pain gripped the back of her neck. It felt as if someone was carving her skin with an extremely sharp object, or branding her with a hot pole. A tortured cry tore from her lips and she fell to her knees, her arms flying to the point of the pain as if she could make it stop by wiping it away.
“Yes, it has begun,” Hazel’s voice noted solemnly. She hobbled closer to where Myra knelt, clutching the back of her neck. “Let go, Myra. Accept your mark. Accept your true powers.”
Then the wind began howling outside, rushing in through the open window with the strength of a mid-summer Castallantran hurricane, so powerful that it whipped Myra’s hair about her face and roared loudly in her ears. In the midst of all this, the candles didn’t only remain lit, but they seemed to be burning even brighter still. Staring at them in shock, Myra suddenly noticed that inside each flame, there was the face of a different woman staring back at her. She gasped and made to jump to her feet, but Hazel’s hand on her shoulder restrained her.
 “Do not fear, my child, no harm will come to you,” the woman reassured her, and reluctantly Myra remained kneeling as the faces in the candles’ flames began to chant together. The words were in a language Myra had never heard before. There was no way for her to understand what they meant, but somehow, she could tell exactly what they were saying.
One of three, witches that be, we grant you this day, the power to see. Strength, wisdom, and courage be yours, to find the spell caster and the other that cures.
Then, just as suddenly as it started, the howling wind stopped. The pain at the base of Myra’s neck subsided just as the flames from the candles went out simultaneously, bringing an end to the mysterious chanting, and the apartment was once again as quiet as it always was. Myra jumped to her feet, head reeling with consternation as she turned to face Hazel. The old woman just smiled and nodded before bending to retrieve the black book from the floor. When she straightened again, she handed it to Myra and then pulled her in for a tight hug. “Welcome to the sisterhood, Myra,” she whispered affectionately. “I know this is overwhelming, but I tried to prepare you the best way I could.”
Myra pulled away to look suspiciously at her eccentric aunt, her eyes darting down to the book in her hand, then back to Hazel’s face. “Aunt Hazel,” she began, her voice quivering slightly. “What just happened?”
“You finally joined the family, my dear,” her aunt replied, smiling gleefully. “You now possess one third of the powers of the Great White Witch of Castallantra.”
Myra promptly fainted.

Adult Excerpt

“Don’t come.” Xander’s voice was like a battering ram slamming into her head, interrupting the intoxicating sexual high she had been experiencing.
“No!” she screamed when his lips left her sex, his head moving from between her legs.
He chuckled softly, gently easing her legs off his shoulders and rising to his feet. “I say when, beautiful, never forget that. You come when I tell you to, only when I tell you to.”
She had to bite her tongue to quell the annoyance that welled in her stomach at his words. Who the fuck did he think he was? She wanted to tell him to go fuck himself. She wanted to knee him in the groin and get the hell out of there. But when he took her hand and pulled her off the sofa, she couldn’t find the will to even resist for a moment. She was desperate for him, desperate for the pleasure she knew he could give her. Moisture seeped between her thighs when she noticed the lustful animal ferocity in his sea-blue eyes and her anticipation returned with full force. Oh God, maybe she was a whore after all!
He spun her around so that the fronts of her thighs were touching the arm of the sofa. He ran his hand over her shoulders and down her arms, reaching around to cup her breasts, as he used his body to push her forward. She was now fully bent over the sofa arm, ass held high, head lying on the soft cushions. She whimpered when one of his hands trailed a heated path along her spine to finally splay at her waist and hold her in place. His other hand delved between her thighs, easing the thong fully to the side as he sank two long, thick fingers into her body with exquisite gentleness.
“So eager, so fucking wet,” he whispered as he withdrew his fingers to fondle her clit before sinking them into her heat again. Myra couldn’t stop herself from gyrating on his hand. Her pussy clenched and gushed reflexively, loving the feel of his fingers inside her sex, wanting even more still.
“Please…please, I-I’m so...God, don’t make me beg.” Hot tears stung the back of her eyes when she heard the desperate, pathetic words that had just been uttered from her lips. How did he do this to her? How did he reduce her to nothing more than want and need without even trying?
“You don’t need to beg, beautiful, at least not tonight. Tonight I’ll freely give you what you desire, all that you desire.” He pulled back then, leaving her momentarily to quickly sheath himself with a condom. Then he was plunging into her, his powerful cock forcing its way into her tight channel, stretching her almost painful. A loud gasp escaped Myra when she felt him sinking into her. God, she’d forgotten how big he was. Jesus, he was so damn huge! She gripped the sofa for support as he filled her to capacity, inch by glorious inch.
“Christ, you feel good. So fucking good around my cock,” he rasped, his voice shaking with unleashed lust. He pulled back, sliding his cock completely out of her. She glanced over her shoulder wildly, afraid he would stop. Did he plan to just leave her hungry and desperate like this, to punish her? God, she wouldn’t survive it.
“Don’t go! Xander, please, I—”
“Shhh,” he said, and she watched as he held his magnificent cock in one hand and slowly rubbed it against her moist slit, teasing her until she was wiggling against him, pressing back to try and force him to enter her again. Then suddenly, he was at her entrance again, his thick member sliding into her like it was made to be there. She cried out as he began to fuck her steadily, pulling back and pushing in, finding a delicious rhythm that made her pussy clench and flutter.
“Yes…Jesus, yes!” she cried, curling her fingers into the cushion. Xander grabbed her hips and continued to fuck her at an almost leisurely pace, pumping into her with slow, torturous thrusts. Myra worked her hips, pushing back on him to try and get him deeper into her body.
“That’s it, beautiful, fuck me back.”

Contact Kelsie here:
Twitter: @mskelsiebelle
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kelsiebelleplaying
Website: http://kelsiebelle.wordpress.com
Email: kelsie.belle@yahoo.com